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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Music Promotion

When DA music told me that I had passed the audition and they would promote my songs I was delighted.  The only catch was that I would have to make 2 professional recordings, which I had to pay for.

Music Promotion

Like a fool I went ahead and paid £1800 for the recordings.  After many delays in mastering my tracks, and uploading my songs onto:



and lots of other sites, I became aware of the deception.

DA Music

This company keeps changing its name, and is one of many companies deceiving us.  They tell us that we are one of the few who have passed the audition.  What they want is to finance the recording studios.  Then they pay a company such as Tune Core to upload the songs.


So now Tune Core take 20% and then DA take another 20%.  So there's not much left over for us.

Independent Recording Artists

Intelligent people learn from their mistakes.  So when the yearly contract ended I told them to remove my songs.  Now I do everything myself.

Music Promotion

DA did nothing to promote my songs.  So now I am looking for ways to promote my songs.

Record Union

I didn't like the look of Tune Core, so I use Record Union to upload my songs.

Recording Studios

I use a local recording studio now, and have many songs uploaded on:

Google Play




and many other similar sites.


Finding a cost effected way to advertise is difficult.

Face Book

I'm told that Face Book adverts are wonderful.  But I don't see any evidence of Face Book users buying music.


This company teaches Face Book adverts.  As the 3 day course only cost me $7 I can't complain because I learned from it.  However, I don't recommend it!


Most of us are under the false illusion that famous people have a special talent.  For those of us that aren't famous, it is an uphill struggle to convince people that we are just as good if not better.

Lets Work Together

If you, like me, are an Independent, there are ways of working together.

On Face Book

Look me up on Face Book, I run 4 groups and have many followers.

Share Links

Sharing links on web sites will benefit us all.

New Faces

If we all get together and share ideas we might get somewhere.

Jim Redgewell Music


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