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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Making Music

You go into a music shop and fall in love with an instrument and buy it.  Then you have to learn how to play it!

Music Shops

Just like any other business they want to take your money.  The usual catch starts with, "My son wants to play the Electric guitar".  So they sell you an Electric Guitar, but then you need an Amplifier.

The Price is Right

Why buy an electric guitar and amplifier and spend up to £1,000 or more, when you can buy a beginners acoustic guitar for under £50.


Sensible people start with an acoustic guitar and only move on to an electric one after they have learned to play reasonably well.  The shop won't tell you that!

Music Lessons

It is very difficult to learn a musical instrument.  It is also very difficult to learn how to sing.  You will be told about famous people who are self taught and can't read a note of music.  You've also been told about Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.  If you pick the right teacher first of all, it should save you time and money.

Music Teachers

I learned how to play the Guitar the hard way, but I got a lot of good advice from some good musicians.  So in a way, I did have some lessons.  Looking back, it would have been better to have had a qualified teacher.  I did however, have some singing lessons which led to much improvement.

Buyers Guide

Before going to the shop, it would be better to find a teacher first and get their advice before buying anything.  For example, if I was a guitar teacher, I would advise you to buy an acoustic guitar with nylon strings for about £25 to £50.

Electric Guitar

Following my advice you would save hundreds of pounds.  So the lesson would save you money.


They didn't like me much!  Unless they are deaf, you will have the same problem!


Your neighbour is learning to play an Electric Guitar.  Show them this article before they buy one!

Happy Ending

A lot of children have cheap musical instruments to play with as toys.  But if you want to learn properly, finding a good teacher is the best way to start.  The alternative can be summed up as, "I've been playing the guitar for years and now I want to learn properly".  They have wasted years of their life and picked up lots of very bad habits.  Its a disaster and nothing good ever comes from it.

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