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Monday, 9 October 2017


Its very hard to believe, but most people don't know what s songwriter is!

Lennon and McCartney

The most popular Beatle song was Twist and Shout written by Phil Medley and Bert Berns.  It wasn't released as a single because Lennon and McCartney didn't write it.


This crazy idea led to the belief that groups and singers had to write their own songs!

The Rolling Stones

They were only signed because Decca Records overlooked the Beatles.  So Keith Richards and Mick Jagger had to start writing songs. 

The Music Business

In any business you don't need to be original, you just copy something else.


A songwriter is a person who creates all or part of a song.  So they can be the person who wrote the words or the composer of the tune.


These are people who write the words.


A person who crates the tune.


This usually applies to someone who writes down the music that was composed.

Glen Miller

He was a band leader and an arranger.  He wrote down the music for the members of his band to read and play.


This is obviously someone who sings.


Someone who plays a musical instrument.


This is someone who writes their own songs and sings them too.

Modern Music

To get signed to a major record company you need a lot of luck!

What is expected is in my opinion impossible.  You need to be absolutely brilliant at all of the following:




Independent Recording Artists

Until sanity returns to the music business, this is the only way forward.

Jim Redgewell Music


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