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Sunday, 8 October 2017


Success in Music

You've learned to play an instrument or sing and you are utterly convinced that you are talented.

Talent Show

You go to a talent show and the village idiot wins.  Why?  Because he has his family and a lot of friends in the audience!

Friends and Family

You don't need talent.  What you need is a large following!


You run a shop and you want to make money.  Do you sell things that are popular with your buyers, or do you sell things that you like the look of?

The Music Business

Its the same!  The village idiot is more likely to succeed, because he has more followers than you.  Talent means nothing!

Self Belief

We've all been told that self belief is extremely important!  However, it is your biggest weakness!

One Born Every Minute

Now you meet someone with a lovely smile and tells you exactly what you want to hear.  

Your Biggest Fan

Is he your biggest fan or is he a con man after something?  Either way, you have to keep your distance.  You can't get into bed with your fans, its unprofessional and problematic.  Just thank them for their praise and move on.

Record Company

What do you have that would interest a record company?  A better question would be, "How many very talented people do you know of who got signed"?

An Easy Life

Anything that you want in life is usually very difficult!

Independent Recording Artist

For me, this is the only option. But this is also very difficult.  Its quite easy to pay a company like Tune Core or Record Union to upload your songs onto the Internet.


How are you going to promote your songs?  If nobody knows about you and your music, they won't buy it.

Music Services

There are many companies who say that they understand the music business and offer to help.  Ignore them!

The Music Business

If they understand this business and think that you are likely to succeed, why would they ask you for money?

Recording Studio

I have professional recordings from 3 different studios and have worked with 4 studio technicians.  One of them told me that he could tell people that he could upload songs onto the Internet for them, but he wouldn't do that because it is the wrong thing to do.

Record Union

I use this company to upload my songs.  I'm not saying that you should use them, but I do.  All I'm saying is that it is quite easy to upload your own songs and I no longer pay a company to do it for me.  I was caught by DA music, but I learned from that mistake!


My nearest supermarket is Tesco.  So for the same reason, I do most of my shopping there!

Tune Core

I think that there are at least 3 similar companies, but I chose Record Union.  Its just a matter of choice.

Jim Redgewell Music


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