Monday 5 February 2024

The Imaginary Universe (This is about Science and Philosophy)

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The imaginary universe

What is nothing?  The experts say that an infinite empty space and eternal time is something. But if space and time did not exist you would be dead.  So to observe space and time you need a conscious observer.  So the question is, does space and time cause consciousness, or does consciousness cause space and time?

In order to answer these questions a conscious entity must ask these questions.  Therefore I would argue that consciousness is an essential ingredient of the Universe.

So in order to avoid these hard questions, I want to create an imaginary universe.

I'm going to start with an infinite void.

The energy will be zero and the temperature will be absolute zero. However, you can't have an energy of zero since it breaks the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  So I'm going to start with an average energy of zero.  This requires some negative energy!  Also, you can't have a temperature of absolute zero, since this breaks the third law of Thermodynamics.  Another point would be that you can't have a value of absolute zero, since this would require the number zero to be followed by an infinite number of zeros after the decimal point.

So the building blocks are as follows:

 1.  An empty void
 2.  Some negative energy
 3.  Some positive energy

Since temperature is just a measurement of the average energy.  Nothing else is required!

A Bubble Universe

In quantum mechanics, virtual particles are created from energy!  Since the void has negative and positive energy, there will be quantum fluctuations in both energy fields.  So I'm going to call one of these quantum particles a bubble universe.

We know from Einstein's theory a relativity that space and time are relative concepts. So the time that one of these bubble universities can exist for is up to me to decide.

My imaginary universe started with an empty void with an average energy of zero.   My bubble universe could have been made from negative energy, positive energy, matter or antimatter.  The matter and antimatter would have come from quantum fluctuations in the energy field.

Provided that an empty void can exist, negative energy exists, quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity apply.   My imaginary Big Bang started with a quantum fluctuation and the antimatter went into another Bubble universe.

The real Big Bang can't explain what happened to the antimatter!   It can't explain how you get something from nothing!

Video on YouTube: Negative Energy

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