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Monday, 6 November 2017

Radio Airplay

Radio Airplay is one of the services offered on the Record Union web site.

Jango Internet Radio

When you upload songs onto Radio Airplay, they end up on Jango Radio.

Uploading Music

It is not enough to just upload music onto Radio Airplay!  You have to search through every menu and add other musicians to your station and get everything right.

My Mistake

I uploaded my songs and nobody listened!  Then I searched through all the menus and sorted things out.  Then suddenly people started listening!

CD Baby

CD baby is another web site for uploading to the Internet, similar to Record Union.  They also use Radio Airplay and Jango.  I mention this because CD baby is labeled as one of the selling sites on my profile of Radio Airplay.

Using Radio Airplay

If you decide to use Radio Airplay, it needs to be set up properly!  Otherwise nobody will listen!  The cost is about $50 every 6 months.


Expect to be spammed very often, with offers of competitions and promotions.  None of them are free!

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