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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Music Sites

There are many music web sites. These are the ones that I use.

Sound Cloud

If you want to share your music and don't expect any reward this site is for you.  It is free to join and you can upload your music in mp3 format.   sound cloud

Record Union

I use this site to upload my songs to the major Internet sites.

This link takes you to my profile.

For more information about Record Union click here.

BBC Introducing

You can upload 2 songs every 30 days.  They will probably ignore you, but it will only costs you your time. 

BBC Introducing

Other Music Sites

I have joined many other music sites.  Most of them were a waste of time, and some were a waste of money too.

MP3 Science

I have a web site at www.mp3science.com which is in need of regeneration.  I intend to update that web site sometime in the future.

Jim Redgewell Music

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