Saturday, October 21, 2017

Music Scam

There is a new Music Scam

People are offering courses about how to sell your music online.

Information about the Music Industry

The scam starts with information about how corrupt and difficult the music industry is.  This information is very convincing, but in reality, a lot of people know about it.

The Music Course

Then they offer you the chance to buy some fancy music course, which will explain everything you need to know.

The Music Escalator

One course started with a 3 day course at a very reasonable price.  So you get hooked on this bargain.  When you say "Yes" you are then immediately offered a longer course which is discounted, of course, but the new price will probably be upward of $100.

The Music Star

You will be told about someone who after completing the course, went on to make loads of money.

Customer Satisfaction

There will always be someone who says that the course was excellent, and well worth the money.

Independent Opinion

How do we know that this person is genuine?  They either work for the company, or are paid to say that it is brilliant.

Music on the Internet

If the star performer has music on the Internet, they will be on iTunes, and similar sites.

Always Check

If you go on the Internet and look up these people, you probably won't find them on iTunes, and there will be Blog articles such as Reddit complaining about the scam.  You will also see some praise from the illicit stooge.

Easy Money

If it is as easy as they say, we'd all be rich!  And they would be even richer!  So if they can make so much money, why do they need ours?  And why are they wasting their time by telling us all about it?

If I was  rich man

If I become rich, I will let someone else write about it and find more enjoyable things to do with my time!

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