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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Watch Dog

This is a story about music companies that rip off musicians.  I don't expect a positive response from Watch Dog.  So I'm telling the story here and updating things as they unfold.

Music Swindle

There are many music companies that ask musicians for money in order to promote their music.  This is an easy trap to fall into.  Since we all believe that we have a special talent we believe their deception.

Music Money

If a music company believes that you have potential, then they should foot the bill.  Otherwise its a con.

Music Companies

If its a legitimate company, they will have share holders and investors.  These people understand finance.

Music Business

The chances of signing to a major record label is virtually zero.  Small record labels have small sales.  Depressing isn't it!

The Truth Hurts

Become an independent and take control of your talent.

Music Matters

It isn't only my opinion.  I have heard stories similar to mine.  There are many con men in this world who know exactly what to say.  If you  like what they say then it isn't true because sadly the truth hurts!

Music Con

My story is about one company, but there are many others.  So don't be fooled by them!

The following section was sent to:

BBC Watch Dog

D/A Music Group

In May 2016 I was invited to an audition at DA music.  I passed and they told me that I would have to pay £1800 for the recording session in their studio.  Then they would promote the songs on the Internet and made me believe that I would eventually get a Major record deal.

I can't complain too much about the recording sessions, although at £60 an hour and all the travelling expenses, it could have been better.

The promotion was pathetic.  All they did was pay another company to upload the songs onto the Internet.

I have contacted other people through Face Book and found out a few facts:

Everybody passes the audition.
The money is used to keep the recording studio going.
The contracts look very impressive, but are worthless.
The income from Internet sales is very little.

They change the name of the company often.  Downtown Artists, and now, Regent Street Artists (Formerly D/A Music Group), 8 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0PH

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