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Mission Impossible

Being a song writer I used to send songs to publishers and be told that they no longer wanted song writers because the singers were writing their own songs.


Nowadays, the singers are told to write their own songs. What this means is that in order to stand any chance of success, you have to be a brilliant songwriter and a brilliant singer.

Singing Lessons

After getting nowhere as a songwriter, I put my main focus on playing the guitar. Things were going well until I had an accident and broke my right hand. So I had some acting lessons, followed by some singing lessons.

Recording Studio

So then I became a singer/songwriter and now I record my songs properly in a recording studio. Now I use a company called “Record Union” to upload my song to iTunes, Spotify and other Internet outlets.

Record Union

Since using Record Union, I have noticed that there is a label for a “Featured Artist”. I’m not quite sure at the moment (30 September 2017), but I think that its possible for a singer and a songwriter to work together. I assume that there would have to be an agreement between the two, and there may be some legal issues to solve. If anybody knows more on this issue please let me know?

Independent Music

It seems to me that the Independent way is the best.

Des O'Conner

I found the rejection of the past were having a very bad affect on my confidence. Then I realised that it was just a question of numbers. Des O'Conner has sold over 13 million records worldwide and he isn’t regarded with the credit he deserves. I estimate that one person out of 250 like his music. So if nine people out of ten dislike your music, all is not lost. If one person out on ten like you, then you are a STAR!

Music Promotion

The biggest problem is “PROMOTION”. How to advertise the music. There are companies offering promotion services for a fee, but I don’t know which ones to trust. If anybody has some ideas, I would like to know?

Jim Redgewell Music


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