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D/A Music Group

Since leaving D/A Music Group, I have become an Independent.  I use a local recording studio to record my songs and I upload to the major Internet sites such as iTunes and Spotify, using a company called "Record Union".

Record Union

I'm not an agent for Record Union, and the only alternative that I know of is "Tune Core".  I have found Record Union quite easy to use, and the reason I rejected Tune Core, is because they sent so much Spam!

Music Payment

I use Pay Pal for all my transactions with Record Union, because they recommended that I do so.


So far I have only found 2 problems:

Uploading Songs

When I click on "Upload Song" nothing seems to happen.  There is no indicator to let you know that it is working.  So I just click and hope, then wait for ages.  But it does eventually upload!

Artist Services

They have a link "Artist Services" which is a list of recommended services.  I signed up to Radio Airplay and now I totally reject any of their recommendations!

Radio Airplay or Sound Cloud

So far, I have found Radio Airplay to be a waste of time and money, and all I get from them is Spam.  You might just as well use Sound Cloud, which is free and better supported.

Jim Redgewell Music

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