Girl From Mars


My little girl, my little girl, my little girl from Mars

I'm an astronaut on my way to Mars
And I found love among the stars

I found a little girl from Mars
While I was travelling around the stars
To boldly go where no ones been
And my little girl has a body that's green

Verse 1:
She’s not black, she’s not white, she’s not pink, she’s not brown
She’s green, from outer space
She beams around, from place to place

She’s my little girl from Mars
She flies around among the stars
She is so fast, she’s out of sight
And her green body is my delight
Verse 2:
Launch pad nine, it is time, to count down and take off
Space ship, is very fast
The RAF is after us

But they can’t catch my girl from Mars
She leaves them standing, like they were cars
The speed of light, too fast to see
And we’ll fly all night, just her and me

Verse 3:
Journey through, space and time, Milky Way, far behind
Black hole, way out in space
Tries to pull us out of place

But it can’t stop my girl from Mars
She has more power, than quasar stars
She has advanced technology
And she loves nobody else but me


© Jim Redgewell
Jim Redgewell Music

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